What is Mobile Photo Connect and why should I be there?

  • Mobile Photo Connect is the world's premier conference for the mobile imaging ecosystem, hosting 200+ potential partners and industry thought leaders: photo & video app developers, mobile vendors, cloud storage providers, software companies, camera manufacturers, trade press, and investors. 

You will:

  • Hear from respected industry visionaries and share your own perspectives.
  • Learn about the newest trends in mobile photography and videography.
  • Network and find new partners.  How? Check out the Exposure section below.

When is it? 

  • Tuesday October 24, 2017, 1:30 PM - 7:30 PM; Wednesday October 25, 9:00 AM - 7:30 PM.
  • Networking receptions on both days.

Where is it held?

Who spoke last year?

  • Click here to view last year's speakers.
  • A few examples: Eric Cheng (Facebook), Bryan Mason (VSCO), Wayne Liu (Perfect Corp.), Mehrshad Mansouri (GoPro), Paul T. Kim (Samsung), and Radu Rusu (Fyusion, Inc)

Cost and purchasing? 

  • $599; click here to buy. The earlier you purchase your ticket, the more you'll benefit from the exposure benefits below.


Why sign up *now*?

  • To boost your networking effectiveness – before, during and after Mobile Photo Connect.
  • At no extra charge, publish a trailer about your app on our sample attendee app page and benefit from priority trailer placement (the earlier you sign up, the more prominent your app’s placement).
  • After registration, you may also submit your app for a possible presentation in one of the Show & Tell sessions.
  • Sign up now!

How can I request a Show & Tell demo slot for my app?

  • Please contact us after you purchase your Mobile Photo Connect and describe to us which app you’d like to present.  The app needs to be new (or significantly upgraded) by the time of the conference, i.e. released in the July 1 – October 24 timeframe.
  • Selected Show & Tell apps will automatically compete for a Mobile Photo Connect Award.

How do you select apps for the Show & Tell slots?

  • We try to have a balance between apps that cater to various use cases. We don’t want any particular category (such as camera apps, print apps, collage apps, etc.) to crowd out the other ones.
  • In addition, to promote diversity, we especially encourage female presenters to apply! 

Is the Awards jury involved in selecting the Show & Tell slots?

  • No, the jury will only decide who receives the Mobile Photo Connect Awards from among the 30 apps that will be presented in the Show & Tell sessions. Likewise, we as organizers are not involved in determining the Award winners.

What if my app is not selected for a Show & Tell presentation?

  • You can still get exposure for your app by uploading your app trailer on our sample attendee apps page. The earlier you register, the higher your app’s position on this page. 
  • This way, anybody who is considering attending or who is planning their networking at the conference can check out your app in advance!

How can I get additional industry exposure?